Bio- Energy

Bio-Fuels are types of energy derived from renewable resources like plant and animal materials, and include ethanol made from grains or sugarcane, biodiesel from vegetable oils and liquid animal fats, green diesel derived from algae and other plant sources and biogas or methane derived from animal manure and other digested organic materials including treated municipal and industrial wastes.


Bio-fuels are more efficient with better energy values, practically sulphur free and biologically degradable, and contribute to better environmental protection through fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Bio-fuel industry can provide greater security of supply and less dependence on imports, and is emerging as an innovative new industry offering important potential for rural areas where the raw materials are easily available.


UAL offers ‘state of the art’ enzymatic solutions for deriving bio-fuels from diverse raw materials, yielding maximum output optimising the quotient of costs and benefits.

Bio- Ethanol

Bio-ethanol or fuel alcohol is produced from feed stocks containing starch or sugar. While from starch based feed stock like corn, wheat, rice and millet, simple sugars have to be  extracted, sugar sugar cane juice or molasses contain readily available simple sugars for fermentation. Starch conversion to simple sugars involves the two-step enzyme hydrolysis process of liquefaction and saccharification, after which ethanol is obtained through fermentation with yeast and distillation. UAL offers economic and efficient solutions for the entire bio-ethanol production process.


Depleting fossil resources and the need for energy security have propelled the demand for cleaner, greener and sustainable energy sources like biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion of biodegradable biogenic material like manure, sewage, municipal waste, green waste, plant material and energy crops. The yield and efficiency of biogas generation and its profitability can be readily increased with the optimization of the substrates using enzyme mixtures from UAL that enable or accelerate the bio-chemical reactions during hydrolysis and fermentation stages in the process.


Biodiesel is a sustainable alternate for the conventional diesel, containing sulphur obtained from petrochemical process, and has cleaner burning properties and contribute to the improved engine life, with better lubricant capacity. Oil extracted from plant species like sunflower, soybean, palm and corn, and fats and oils from animal sources can be used to produce biodiesel, through UAL’s proprietary enzymatic solution for trans-esterification reaction which is cleaner and greener in comparison to the conventional chemical process. 

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