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United Alacrity India P. Ltd
is  an HACCP, ISO 9001:2015
and ISO 22000:2005 certified company.




Zymo™, Xymo™, Uniton™, Syquest™, Bio-Dart™ & Merlyn™ are proprietory trademarks of UAL's bio-solutions and performance additives. 



Zymo™ | Xymo™ | Uniton™ | Syquest™ | Bio-Dart™ | Merlyn™

The technical information and suggestions for use made herein are based on UAL’s research and experience, and are believed to be reliable. Such information and suggestions do not constitute a warranty, expressed or implied, and no patent liability can be assumed. Since UAL has no control over the conditions under which the product is stored, handled, used or applied, buyer must determine individually, by preliminary tests or otherwise, the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. 

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As an emerging transnational enterprise that will serve ‘customers sans borders’, UAL is ever aware of the challenges of operating in diverse market terrains and is resolutely committed to internalise and demonstrate a set of core values that would transcend cultural, racial or ethnic barriers.

The following principles constantly guide UAL’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world:

Integrity: We will practise the highest ethical standards, aligning our words with our actions, by honouring our commitments and treating everyone fairly, and with trust and respect.

Team Work: We recognise that people are our strength and competitive advantage, and will foster a culture of unity to harness the collective potential of a diverse work force.


Quality: We will constantly strive to achieve excellence in the quality of our products and processes by continuous improvement in all aspects of our work to attain total customer satisfaction.


Accountability: We acknowledge our individual and collective responsibilities in meeting our commitments, and will take the fullest responsibility for our decisions and actions that affect all parties involved.


Innovation: Anticipating change and capitalizing on the ever emerging opportunities, we will proactively and creatively pursue newer and better processes, products and practices to deliver enhanced value to our customers and the larger community of stakeholders.


Citizenship: As a good neighbour in the communities in which our facilities exist, we undertake to operate in a safe and reliable manner, minimising the environmental impact of our processes and products, and will involve in or be supportive of community initiatives that protect the environment and natural resources.

Core Values