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“A clean home is a happy home” is not just an adage but the key to healthy living. Households make considerable use of cleaning aids, be it in the kitchen and the bathroom or in the process of laundry. Many of these common household cleaning materials contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous to people and the environment.


Many of these products release VOCs into the atmosphere or damage natural water sources when released to the ground without treatment. Fortunately today with the advent of enzyme technology there are a number of alternatives for these hazardous materials, with the ability to clean better without the dangerous side effects.


Enzymes are biological compounds that help speed up chemical reactions, making them perfect for cleaning up household dirt. Enzyme cleaners consist of a few specific enzymes that break down the biological substances like fats, oils, proteins, and starches, present in stains into elements like oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.


UAL provides a wide spectrum of enzyme products that enable manufacturers to produce eco-friendly home care products, with excellent cleaning properties, that are non-toxic and biodegradable and safer to use at home.



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