Cognizant that innovation is the key for catalazying our growth and success, UAL nurtures a culture of innovation that seeds innovative thinking and problem solving.


Constantly analyzing the market environment, to understand and evaluate the needs of our customers and the competition, UAL is open to new ideas and adaptive to change. Accordingly customers and employees are encouraged to generate new ideas for improving our processes, products and services.


Given the increasingly collaborative nature of innovations, UAL engages in purposeful and strategic initiatives for collaborating with industry specific research organisations in the private and public sector, and government agencies for the transfer of technology and knowledge.

UAL’s Zymo and Bio-Dart range of enzymes are manufactured through the technology of submerged fermentation, further processed downstream and formulated to meet specific customer and process requirements.



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Zymo™, Xymo™, Uniton™, Syquest™, Bio-Dart™ & Merlyn™ are proprietory trademarks of UAL's bio-solutions and performance additives. 



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The technical information and suggestions for use made herein are based on UAL’s research and experience, and are believed to be reliable. Such information and suggestions do not constitute a warranty, expressed or implied, and no patent liability can be assumed. Since UAL has no control over the conditions under which the product is stored, handled, used or applied, buyer must determine individually, by preliminary tests or otherwise, the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. 

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