Natural Fibres

From the dawn of history, man has been making use of fibrous materials; earlier for protection from the elements but later for communication and for fashion as a means of self expression.


The advent of civilisation is concurrent with the advancement in natural fibre processing; whether fibre from animal or plant origin, in the form of leather, paper or textiles. Indisputably there was a progression from crudeness to finesse, mostly achieved through the use of many harmful substances that unknowingly caused damage to the health and safety of the communities through environmental emission and workplace exposure.


With greater awareness and heightened societal concern there is a conscious effort to reduce the use of caustic chemicals to minimise the potential adverse effects on human health and environment. With advances in biotechnology, fibre processing industries are moving towards environment friendly and sustainable alternatives.


Consistent with such exigent needs, UAL offers a wide range of enzymatic solutions for various manufacturing operations in the fibre processing industries; for paper, leather and textiles.



Leather industry worldwide is moving towards safer, eco-friendly and cost-effective enzyme-based solutions from the traditional chemical intensive, processing methods that are both hazardous and harsh on the environment. UAL's Zymo range of formulations help tanneries in the de-haring, bating, soaking and degreasing processes with limited volatile organic chemical (VOC) load, lower odour during processing and lesser harmful substance discharge to waste system, making possible better manufacturing and surrounding  environments while yielding substantially higher quality of leather.



Enzyme preparations for textile industry developed by UAL range from pre-treatment to finishing, and find applications in cleaning, desizing, degumming, scouring, bio-bleaching and bleach boosting, neutralizing, washing, soaping, softening, and polishing. Our Zymo range of products help eliminate harsh, caustic chemicals used in processing and offers the prospect of replacing the conventional chemical intensive and environmentally unsafe practices with innovative and competitive biotech solutions that are both resource efficient and eco-friendly, resulting in high quality fabrics.



Pulp and paper enzymes from UAL enhance not only the properties and processing of virgin pulps but also secondary pulps yielded from recycled paper from a variety of sources. These enzyme formulations are specifically developed and formulated to improve pulp bleaching, bleach boosting, de-inking and refining and contributes to the reduction of chemical consumption and refining energy, improvement in the overall paper quality including brightness and strength, and increase in production rates, with substantial reduction in the environmental impact of the industry.

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