The addition of enzymes to animal feed became a major nutritional advancement achieved in the 1980′s by nutritionists, who long realised that the plant materials in feed contained certain compounds that the animals cannot digest or which hindered the digestive system. Through persistent research and application trials, nutritionists achieved the breakthrough in identifying these indigestible compounds and suitable enzymes for breaking them down.


"Today, the animal feed industry readily accepts enzymes as a standard dietary component."


The wide spectrum of enzyme preparations available with UAL enable feed manufacturers to produce enzyme supplemented formulations that optimize nutrient utilization of substances such as non-starch polysaccharides, phytates, starch, glucan, xylan, raffinose, stachyose and proteins that are present in feeds consumed by mono-gastric animals, contributing to faster growth, better feed utilization, more uniform production, better health status and an improved environment, while meeting the ever increasing demand for safe, nutritionally balanced and quality consistent feed with affordable prices.

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