UAL offers a wide range of bio-solutions to manufacture products that find everyday use to improve the quality of lives, and thus help businesses achieve a decisive advantage.


The wide spectrum of enzyme preparations from UAL enable feed manufacturers to produce enzyme supplemented formulations that optimize nutrient utilization of feeds. 


‘State of the art’ enzymatic solutions from UAL for deriving bio-fuels from diverse raw materials, yield maximum output optimising the quotient of costs and benefits.


The pathbreaking enzymatic solutions from UAL reduce the adverse impact on the environment, being ecologically sustainable and economically feasible.

Food &

UAL is continually engaged in the development of innovative enzyme products that contribute to our ability to produce new and better quality foods and beverages.

Health &

UAL is constantly engaged in addressing the need for developing enzyme products that would contribute to the general wellbeing of people through better health and nutrition.


Enzyme products from UAL  enable manufacturers to produce eco-friendly home care products, with excellent cleaning properties, that are non-toxic and biodegradable and safer to use at home.


UAL's innovative enzymatic solutions for leather, textiles and paper are not only economically viable but also reduce the adverse impact on the environment.


UAL develop oilfield solutions that make the process of mining and refining an ecofriendly and cost effective process.

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