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Zymo™, Xymo™, Uniton™, Syquest™, Bio-Dart™ & Merlyn™ are proprietory trademarks of UAL's bio-solutions and performance additives. 



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The technical information and suggestions for use made herein are based on UAL’s research and experience, and are believed to be reliable. Such information and suggestions do not constitute a warranty, expressed or implied, and no patent liability can be assumed. Since UAL has no control over the conditions under which the product is stored, handled, used or applied, buyer must determine individually, by preliminary tests or otherwise, the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. 

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Bio-Solutions & Performance Additives.


UAL is committed to provide our customers with sustainable biotechnology platforms that offer newer approaches to cleaner and safer industrial products and processes: at its core is the principle of working in harmony rather than in conflict with nature.


We will use biotechnology solutions as powerful tools which can compete with chemical and physical means of saving energy and reducing water and material consumption while minimising the generation of harmful waste and emissions.


As enzymes work under moderate environment, such as warm temperatures and neutral conditions, they reduce energy consumption by eliminating the need to maintain extreme environments, as required by many chemically catalysed reactions; taking cognisance, we will explore enzymes as a sustainable alternative to the use of harsh chemicals in industry.